100% Hand-Crafted Products

We care about our product

Tremendous detail and effort is placed into the creation of each product. All soaps are carefully cut and packaged by Jenna and her team so slight variation is to be expected, however we strive for consistency with every batch.


Ingredients are selected based on their unique and proven qualities. We believe in the power of high quality natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals. We strongly support local businesses and vow to never utilize any ingredient from a irresponsible or unsustainable source.


None of our products are tested on animals, only willing adults whom have fallen in love with Clean Sol creations. Our furry friends are dear to us and products designed specifically for pets are planned for the future, all with safety and simplicity in mind.

Meet The Maker

Jenna Ortiz


Hello and welcome to Clean Sol Body Care! Founded in 2017, Clean Sol Body Care was created to make your daily skin care routine one less thing for you to worry about.

Jenna and her team are passionate about spreading awareness and reducing the harm that has been perpetuated by the current chemical heavy cosmetic industry. After observing and experiencing adverse effects associated with these common products, Jenna decided to combat the issue by creating her own honest and straightforward formulas.

Starting with the basics, Jenna hopes to improve the health well being of our customers and expand their knowledge of skin care. We know it is difficult to navigate all the hazards of life, so what we place on our skin is a simple start.

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